History repeating itself

Canada’s food guide has become a tool in the propaganda mill that is voiced here and abroad as to the benefits “Aboriginals” receive from Canada (The Dominion). In fact, where once Indigenous People of the Americas were seen as “super human” by the discoverers, the Indigenous People have become as poor survivors of the once powerful “tribes” that cover the land.

Health statistics on “Indian Reservations” place the Reservation population at the bottom of most measures of health and wellness. Our collective health and wellness may be described as a public health crisis.

Remediation of this crisis is not within the ability of Health Canada to resolve. A wise man has said that “problems cannot be solved by the consciousness that created it”.

Canada’s Indian policies and administration cannot solve our public health crisis, for they were the agents and instrument of the creation of the problems — “kill the Indian and save the man”. No apology will satisfy our Public Health Crisis.

This being the result of Canada’s Indian policy, one need not struggle to conclude that Indigenous People have not gotten a good deal in the deal to share our land. Making a new deal has some looking to negotiate with the “Feds and Province” for a new relationship. I submit what that does, is to invert the relationship of host to guest. Yet we are informed by “learned jurists” that agents of the Crown are to accommodate the Aboriginal People of Canada on the land.

I submit that this policy is the illusion of the “Rule of Law”. That we are living under the good will of Agents of the Crown, when we are in fact the hosts to Her Britannic Majesty’s Agents in the Dominion.

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, one may be assured that it is a duck. If it looks like a Dominion, speaks like a Dominion one may be assured it is a Dominion.

Trudeau the elder traveled to London to have the Canada Constitution Act received after passage of British Parliament and then signed by Elizabeth II in 1982. This was to be the end of “Colonial relationship” with Great Britain (repatriation of the Constitution).

Propaganda? Don’t be misled. Our future Generations will benefit from the work we accomplish to that end.

We need to move the truths of our “ways” from rhetoric to action. Action is to be guided by our truths, without the influences of Dominion Bureaucrats and agents.

Our Peace Covenant or Constitution was accomplished and concluded among forty nine families on behalf of the future generations.

Our present situation is not consistent with the Constitution. Rather, the measure of wellness of those families are subjected to band lists created for the purposes of assimilation — “kill the Indian and save the man”..

This situation has no resolve to our benefit for the underlying concepts are of the Dominion, outside ourselves.

As our ancestors fled to the Ouse/Grand River Territory from the ravages of Sullivan and Clinton’s scorched earth campaign — our many friends, family, allies and other displaced survivors of George Washington’s rebellion were invited and traveled to the Territory with us.

We may take comfort that our ancestors sought to protect many nations thereby extending the rafters of the house. Now, we many “Nations” and are in a position as “history repeats itself “ to continue the work of the Peace Maker, the League of the Iroquois, and protect the many.

Larry W. Green

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