LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Is [City of Brantford] council racist?

With an election year looming, in light of Friel’s continued behaviour, and our council being complicit in it by keeping the issue secret since August 10, I now find myself wondering if our council is racist?

All of them.

This is not the first time he [Friel] has insulted First Nations people. Worse even than this incident was the event where he referred to a group of First Nations mothers defending their children against a white CAS as “a media circus”.

This most recent incident should have been front page the very next day. Maybe we are a racist city when it comes to First Nations? Do we really want to know?

Is it any wonder people turn away from the ballot box on election day when we are kept in the dark on important issues. Why bother?

How would our council have reacted if the insulted person had been black, yellow, a Jew, Muslim, Sikh, Jain or brown?

As for not trusting Friel, Phil Monture, Bravo, join the club. Last election the candidate known for his Chrisy Fits got 8700 votes, and at best won a split decision. He has never won a head to head race for mayor. Given a credible candidate, and a small field, next fall he will be down for the count, with any good fortune.

As for Six Nations Elected Council agreeing to keep this incident secret I can only venture a guess it would be part of the reason why their voter turn-out is even worse than ours. They seem to keep their people in the dark too, judging by current events.

It would seem First Nations people desire a return to their hereditary form of self government.

Ron Eddy no better. Shame.

Whoever leaked this news is a hero. Please stand up and take a bow. ChrissyLeaks, whoever you are — keep the news coming.

The most disturbing thing about our racist council, in my view, is that no censure of Friel is planned. Keep people in the dark and don’t have the cojones to stand up for what is right seems to be their current motto. All of them.


Warren Bechard

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