Letter to the editor: follow the money

Dear editors,

HDI also known as the Haudenosaunee Development Institute appears to be conducting various types of business transactions, one of which is the leasing of traditional lands owned by the Six Nations people.

One could say, in terms of land leases that HDI is in the business of making money by bargaining with each and every Six Nations member’s birthright — namely, traditional lands that are under land claims. In a nutshell, HDI receives annual payments from land developers (and possibly others). The “envelope” these monies arrive in are called “leases.”

Also it would appear that in the bargain between HDI and the Development Company, HDI gives their assurance that no Six Nations member will impede or stop the development of those development companies who pay.

According to HDI documentation the plan is for HDI to receive millions of dollars in land deals over the next 20 years — aIso, according to HDI’s documentation, there are several lease agreements in motion right now and HDI has received a number of payments over the years.

According to HDI’s documentation HDI has been receiving payments of $100,000.00 plus from Developers. The exact amount of these payments has not been made public to the Six Nations community at large to date. However, what is known is that HDI created a “sub” company known as “2438543 Ontario Inc.” in October 2014.

2438543 Ontario Inc. is a corporation owned by HDI that has been registered with the Province of Ontario (incorporation). It was stated that this corporation was created so that the monies could “flow through” it to HDI. Interestingly, it would appear that HDI moved to “dissolve” their “sub company” 2438543 Ontario Inc. around the time that Aaron Detlor, HDI board member and one of the original persons that designed HDI’s current plan to deal with Six Nations land, was publicly asked to leave the Six Nation community.

In addition to profound concerns expressed by multiple community members regarding the soundness of the HDI’s “plan” to deal with developers and Six Nations lands, as well as the processes that are being used to carry out that plan, there have been many questions raised by the Six Nations people about the money HDI has received from their business transactions.

To date, there has not been a public accounting for who is paying HDI and in what amounts and who is HDI paying and in what amounts. For example, what does HDI pay itself Full public disclosure of monies flowing to and through HDI should be a “no/brainer” given that the HDI negotiating power is built upon and is using the “assets” (land) that belong to the entire Six Nation population and the “faces yet to come.”

It is said that if one wants to know the truth of how a company is operating you need “to follow the money.” As such, I would think it would be HDI’s pleasure to bring peace of mind to the community by providing a full disclosure of any and all monies flowing in and out of their accounts. Perhaps they could begin by answering the following questions about their incorporated company” known as “2438543 Ontario Inc.

  1. Who owns HDI’s incorporated company known as “2438543 Ontario Inc.?

It has been said that the presenting idea behind incorporation was to have a corporate body for monies to flow through to HDI.

According to the Corporation Centre’s Pre-Incorporation Checklist for on Ontario Corporation you must select who will be the shareholders of the corporation. Shareholders are the person(s) who hold the shares in the corporation. The idea is that whoever holds the shares of a corporation essentially “owns” the corporation by reason of the votes that are usually attached to the shares. It is the shareholders that control the corporation.

  1. Who are the shareholders currently listed on HDI’s “Article of Incorporation”?

According to the Corporation Centre in Ontario every private corporation must have at least 1 shareholder and there may be several {but no more than 50 shareholders}.

  1. How many shares are there in “2438543 Ontario Inc”?

According to the Corporation Centre in Ontario you must select the number of shares each shareholder will have. A corporation may issue as few or as many shares as it deems desirable. Nahnda Garlow reported in the Two Row Times (May 4,2016) that “HDI says they hold 50 shares in “2438543 Ontario Inc.” “in trust” for the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council.”

It remains unclear who the shareholders are that are holding shares in trust for Chiefs and Clan mothers.

  1. Which Chiefs and Clan mothers are to receive shares of 2438543 Ontario Inc.?
  1. Are there more than the 50 shares in 2438543 Ontario Inc.?

An incorporated company can hold more than 50 shares.

  1. What is the current monetary worth of each share?
  1. What are the total assets in the corporation “2438543 Ontario Inc.?
  1. Who has managed the corporation 2438543 Ontario Inc. and what are their Qualifications to manage this corporation (e.g. financial expertise)?

Submitted on behalf of our Clan Families: Konwathontatye, Karahkwine, Karonhyanoron, Yehsennakehte

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