Letter to the editor: Holding Wynne accountable

One has to remember our now premier has been in cabinet since 2003 and must be held accountable.

A look at the liberal record shows HST was added on just about everything we purchase, including home heating fuel. Then they [the liberal government] added a carbon tax on just about everything we buy, including a 4.3 cent per litre carbon tax to home heating oil and gasoline. Additionally, we must pay HST on top of the carbon tax, so now we are paying tax on a tax.

When the liberal’s took office our provincial debt was roughly $138 billion and today our provincial debt is close to $312 billion and is predicted to rise to $370 billion by 2021. Also, the liberals claim that the budget was balanced for the first time in a decade, but the Auditor General says the books are not balanced, which is backed up by the Financial Accountability Office report of a $4 billion deficit.

Hydro was 4.3 cents per kWh before they took office, now it is 6.5 cents per kWh on low peak. Mid peak is 9.5 cents per kWh on mid peak and 13.2 cents per kWh on peak hours.

This is with the so called fair hydro plan of a 25 per cent discount to save $24 billion in temporary hydro relief (which will cost a minimum 45 billion dollars over 29 years if the government can balance the budget 29 years in a row) will never happen. So the $45 billion cost will rise and will be added to our predicted provincial debt.

Only the Wynne liberal’s would spend a minimum of $45 billion to save $24 billion in temporary hydro relief—this is a very costly election bribe.

Why did hydro rates go up so much? Let’s start with the liberals refusal to buy cheap Quebec hydro for pennies per kWh in 2010 (as the liberals wanted to be a world leader in wind and solar power which they never achieved) and chose to sign 20-year contracts for solar power up to 80 cents per kWh and up to 40 cents per kWh for wind power on 20-year contracts.

The liberals were rewarding liberal insiders and people who attended liberal cash for access events with contracts here are two examples – Mike Crawley a liberal hack was awarded a 66 thousand dollar a day contract for 20 years to produce solar power.

Then 10 companies applied for green energy contract but only seven of them were rewarded with a contract as they had donated 255 thousand dollars between them to the liberal party while the other three companies who did not donate to the liberals were not given a contract in all 1.3 billion was donated by energy companies to the liberals who had gotten energy contracts.

How can anybody trust Premier Wynne and the liberals when they promised to live by the balanced act—they would not implement a health tax—they promise not to raise taxes but new taxes and fees are continuously being invented along with higher taxes and fees. How do you like the 15 per cent insurance discount we never got when in fact rates are rising? Then minimum wage would be tied to inflation so she went vote buying with a huge increase to minimum wage.

Ross Ayotte

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