LETTER TO EDITOR: Two Legs One Heart

My name is Colleen Davis and I am a member of the Mohawk Nation, Bear Clan and I am a proud, yet concerned, member of the Six Nations Community.

First of all I would like to say Nyaweh (thank you) to some of the people who have been working hard for our people:

To the Land Protectors and anyone who has ever given up their time and energy to fight for our lands asserting our inherit rights as Onkwehonwe, helping to maintain a nation-to-nation relationship with Canada for our next seven generations to come — nyaweh for all the work you have done!

To the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council (HCCC) for all the work you have done to maintain and uphold our culture, traditions, languages, and ceremonies, which are integral aspects to our core existence as Onkwehoweh people – nyaweh for all the work you have done!

To the Six Nations Elected Band Council (SNEC) first and foremost for accepting the challenge to fill the positions of what is viewed by many as a foreign government. For administering funds, providing employment for many members of this community, and delivering our essential health services — nyaweh for all the work you have done!

The Six Nations community is the most vibrant, and thriving First Nation in all of Canada and it’s built on two solid structures. The HCCC and SNEC. Take a look around and see what has been accomplished! That was done with little communication and no real working relationship between our two forms of leadership! Just think of the endless possibilities our community can achieve when we finally maximize our potential and bring our two councils together!

I view our community as having two legs. I am standing here today on two legs but notice I have one beating heart. I feel this analogy is appropriate to describe the state of our current situation. I being a member of this community have found a great respect and appreciation for both councils. Since I have been able to find this mutual respect it gives me great hope that all members of this community can find it in their hearts to appreciate both the HCCC and SNEC for all the hard work both councils have done to create our current day Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.

Back in 2006 when negotiations took place with regards to the Douglas Creek Estates lands, it is my understanding that both councils were at the negotiating tables where in a historical moment the lead was given to the HCCC. I humbly ask to please remember that you were both sitting side-by-side working together to create a brighter future for Six Nations!

It is also my sincere hope that both councils come in agreement and find a mutual respect and appreciation for each other because in my opinion you are both needed in our community. Find that mutual respect and make a plan to work together to help create a new future for Six Nations. I share these words with everyone having the faith that we the people of Six Nations can come together in unity so that when my children ask me who’s in charge around here – I can give them a definite answer and I can say it with PRIDE!



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