Message from the Chief of the 56th Elected Council – Six Nations of the Grand River

This year marks the 26th annual Six Nations Community Awareness Week. This year’s event is scheduled for May 14th to May 27th, 2014. The annual Six Nations of the Grand River’s Bread and Cheese Day, which is in its 90th year of celebration, will be held on May 19th, 2014. The Six Nations Elected Council would like to welcome participation of community members in the Community Awareness Week events, as it is an opportunity for the departments of the Six Nations Elected Council, local businesses, schools and other organizations to share their services with the community. Given our rich history, businesses and the many talented people within our community, this event also allows them to showcase their talents and services with visitors to the community.

In closing, the Six Nations Elected Council, would like to acknowledge the Community Awareness Week Committee for all the hard work they’ve undertaken to organize a successful event, as well as the local businesses, schools or organizations who have taken time to make arrangements for a successful event.

The Six Nations Elected Council looks forward to seeing you at the Administration Building for its charity BBQ on Friday, May 23, 2014.

Yours truly,
Chief G. Ava Hill
Six Nations of the Grand River

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