Mohawk Anti-tax steering committee at Ahkwesahsne

In 2011 a member of the redeveloped Mohawk Anti-tax Steering Committee at Ahkwesahsne, asked that I join, which I accepted and was voted in. It was presumed I could offer methods other than doing same thing over and over again expecting different results. The intent of some of the committee was to use the so-called “Longhouse Way” against US and NYS tax. Funding was to be acquired through the St. Regis Mohawk Tribal Council Inc’s (DC initial file # 822713, NYDOS ID # 1539007) Restricted Tax Legislation Revenue account, which, had over $1.2 million. The Committee and I met with the last Administration of Tribal Council in 2012 in regards to transfer of funds.

In 2013 while the committee member who asked that I join, sat in jail awaiting trial, certain other committee members pretended that he and I had resigned. This is far from the truth and I challenge anyone to produce signed document whereas, I or other member resigned our positions. It was suggested that I could be reinstated, but I never quit in the first place. Even more concern is the legal status of any monies the tribal council gave to the Mohawk Anti-tax Steering Committee in 2013. Any decisions to spend such monies without giving proper notice to all committee members of meetings would be moot.

I do not recall lack of truth, honesty or integrity to be the Longhouse Way I have heard of. Where does this committee’s mindset stem from? The Massena Observer article, in regards to tribe, March 25, 1915 stated in part, “It is said that the reservation government is controlled by an inside clique which has all the tricks of Tammany, and uses them to even better advantage, than the New York City organization.  The clique is credited with having held power in the reservation for years.”

Of course, I’m not part of the “Good Ole Boys Club” and neither are the majority of People at Ahkwesahsne. 99 years later we have the same Minds performing the same tricks, calling it the Longhouse Way now. If things were done the Longhouse way, would there be need for Mohawk Anti-tax Steering Committee, in the first place?

In All Truth,

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