Op-Ed: Chiefs Council

The Longhouse was called and some people drove many miles to attend only to find Allan McNaughton never bothered to show up, much as he has disrupted Longhouse on more than one occasion previously.

The Mohawk bench was empty as was the Seneca. WARNING! This is a “Cry Wolf” tactic. This is meant to discourage Onkwehon’we from coming to Longhouse so that corrupt chiefs can continue to hold on to the reins of their self-appointed power.

If no one shows up for Longhouse then, they can have business as usual and not be answerable to the people for the very serious issues that we have been made aware of. I implore my traditional brothers and sisters to continue to show up for Longhouse until such a time as these chiefs will have NO choice BUT to deal with these issues and explain their actions to us.

I would think the Indian Act council to be laughing at our confusion and disunity. Put an end to it now and DEMAND HCCC call Longhouse and this time, BE THERE! If they refuse, assemble the Clan Mothers and start dehorning protocols immediately!

Clive Garlow

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