Open letter to Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council

To the members of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council and the Clanmothers of the 49 families:

My name is Nahnda Garlow and I am Onondaga of Six Nations.

My husband, Jonathan Garlow, is a Six Nations Mohawk.

As you are aware, Jonathan is the publisher of the Two Row Times and I am it’s editor.

I am writing this open letter to you to address a document and accusations shared on your official website: a timeline published at the following link.

The document launches three harmful and untrue accusations against the Two Row Times, our team, as well as myself and my husband by implication in our roles as editor and publisher, respectively.

The first allegation, on page 10 and dated May 2, 2015 states that “Ava Hill, Two Row Times and others working together to attempt to discredit HDI, suggesting giving up treaty rights.”

Two Row Times is not working with Ava Hill or anyone else in any attempt to discredit HDI. The allegation is untrue and ridiculous.

The non-specific and unreferenced allegation Two Row Times is part of a collective “suggesting giving up treaty rights” is untrue. Further to that, the generalization that I as editor, or the Two Row Times as a publication have ever suggested anyone give up a treaty right is malicious and disrespectful.

The second allegation on the same page and date line says, “Two Row Times and others using only second page of a two page document to try and suggest Aaron on the take, but the paper was part of an attempted resolution sanctioned by Chiefs and Clan Mothers, people still using to cause divisions between HDI and HCCC”.

Again, without having reference to any specific item, the allegation that myself, or anyone on our team or our business is “suggesting Aaron is on the take” or “part of an attempted resolution” is not factual and damaging.

No one from the Two Row Times was involved in the multi-clan demand to dissolve HDI or the call for the removal of Detlor, Hill and Doolittle. However we were present when it was read aloud and reported that it happened.

The third allegation, on page 11, says on October 3, 2015 an “HDI attack is ongoing by Two Row Times, and individuals in two of our Clan families.”

There is no specific article or instance to point to what this third allegation is referring to.

All of the allegations are untrue and libellous to our team and our brand.

The inference that our organization’s news reporting is anti-Confederacy or politically motivated is untrue and damaging to my personal character and integrity as a journalist.

The Two Row Times has worked since 2013 to serve the Six Nations community by telling the stories of our people from an Ongwehonwe perspective in a modern way.

We not only provide the community with local news. We have also pushed for the indigenous rights of our residents and held local politicians in the surrounding area accountable for their lack of knowledge on indigenous issues. Our writers have helped families fight persecution when they pursue traditional medicine. Members of our entire team have helped collect donations for families and grassroots organizations in crisis. As a news organization we have showcased the works of the people of Six Nations by raising the profile for justice in court cases facing our community members. Our reporting has helped local police apprehend criminals on the territory. Our team has brought in facilitators to offer training for our youth in media and the arts.

Six Nations is our home, and we love the people of this community — even when we disagree with their actions. The allegation that the Two Row Times or anyone on our team are involved in a political ploy to “attack” anything in the Six Nations community is preposterous.

We are storytellers. While I understand that our coverage of the matters surrounding HDI may be uncomfortable for some individuals within the HCCC or HDI – our job is not to make you comfortable. The press exists to challenge political leaders, and in this case to hold the HCCC and it’s delegates accountable for the purpose of informing the public about what is being done on their behalf — by the people appointed to do so.

For the HCCC to use their position as the traditional governing body of the Haudenosaunee to sully the integrity of our Six Nations business, our team members and our brand in this way is libellous and an overt abuse of power.

On behalf of myself, my husband Jonathan and our team I demand a retraction of the statements made, a public apology and removal of this document from all of it’s sources immediately. If this is not issued I will explore legal options.


Nahnda Garlow
Editor, Two Row Times

50 Generations Drive
Ohsweken, ON
N0A 1M0

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