Who paid who to jump in their playpen?

I am glad that the referendum on alcohol didn’t pass. But my question is who paid elected council to push for the referendum in the first place? I don’t think it was the bootleggers or Bush parties, Buck ‘n Does, Yogis Barn, or Hanks Place. No, there’s a bigger picture to this. Somebody is going to benefit large if this licensing goes through. Somebody has a plan in place already. To make it financially and legally sound for them, they needed the Band Council to bring this to our children’s territory.

Then what? They want casinos, hotels, bars, and we will end up with all the fallouts of these large moneymakers bring. The peacefulness of “The Bush”, a place we could always come home to get out of the rat race, for solitude, to rejuvenate would be lost. We would no longer be able to be amongst our own and enjoy our own distinct and familiar ways of life.

If band council had its way, the elite would reap the benefits of the influx of hordes of every kind of walks of life that would flood this territory. The rez would end up looking like Lundy’s Lane, or worse, the Las Vegas strip. The bush parties are happening, yes. But when it’s over, it’s over. We have dealt with it and still deal with it. But at least it isn’t bringing every other ethnicity onto our territory and disturbing our kids’ traditional way of life.

These casinos, bars, etc. go 24-7, 365 days a year. These entities never stop. If you want these things and they are important to you and your family, then go off Rez where it is acceptable, and you can pay the taxes from there to indulge in your drug of choice. Please don’t set the example to our young ones that it’s okay and it’s legal to drink. It’s a drug, even if the government made it legal.

But this leaves the big question, who paid who to jump in their playpen? The community will find out. This isn’t a religion thing, it’s a moral obligation we have to our youth, children and faces to come and those who are recovered or are recovering alcoholics.

In peace and hope,

Oh Weh Hoh
Onyata aka Nyha gwaii.

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