The Peoples Gathering

All are invited to attend the next meeting of the Peoples Gathering which is being hosted by the people of the Oneida Nation. Come and share your knowledge and ideas of how we as a people should learn from one another. Show your support about the issues our Territories are facing. We are learning to stand up and bring back our voices and to bring the women up front as we once did.

The event will start with a social on Friday with people coming at 7:00 pm to the Oneida Longhouse on Elijah Rd. We will find places for visitors to stay overnight. Saturday we start at 8:00 am. We will then welcome all the nations for coming to Oneida and then Ostowago for the people followed by breakfast. Then everyone will sit according to their nation. There are three issues on the floor still from first meeting, Bill C10, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and CAS. There will be another social on Saturday night and then breakfast on Sunday morning before people travel home.

For more information please contact Tahanoat Darryl Chrisjohn from the Oneida Nation at 226-398-9621.

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