“Plan P” is for the Penguins.

Hello Mr. Windle;

After reading your article “Plan Cmay I suggest “Plan P” which is the Penguins.

They actually have a very strong connection to Brantford. The Civic Centre in Brantford, was the equivalence of Dunedin Florida for the Blue Jays. The Penguins used to practice in the off season there.

As a matter of fact, myself and two classmates from Farrington school (now defunct), interviewed Canadian left winger Keith McCreary there.

I sent him a letter thanking him for the interview and he responded with a note and an autographed postcard of himself. Anyone could watch the practices, any time, free of charge. That was in about 1968 or ’69, I was in Grade 6 Grade 7. I’ve been a die-hard Penguins fan ever since.

P.S. They’ve won a boatload of Stanley Cups since. You too could root for another “local” team after the Leafs go golfing.



Diet (Dietrich) Rother.



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