Praise for Brian Maracle

As a non-Native resident of Brantford, and first generation Canadian of Hungarian heritage who understands the importance of keeping one’s heritage and language, I was pleased to hear that Brian Maracle is continuing his Kanien’keha’:ka language classes.  I was first introduced to Brian and his book “Back on the Rez” (1996), and all of the interesting stories he had to tell about coming back to Six Nations to live. Even then, he wanted Elected Band Council to learn the language, and answer the telephone in Kanien’keha’:ka in the chapter ‘The Politics of Language’.  The book still stands today as a great primer in Six Nations history, culture, everyday life and other issues for those of us who live nearby but have no clue about things like snowsnakes and Confederacy governance.  I hope that the Band Council learns more than one word, and that the Six Nations languages flourish for generations to come.

Mary Ann Gorcsi,

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