RE: Article “Foreign Agents on Six Nations Territory”

Dear Editor,

I would like to address some of the information in the letter “Foreign Agents on Six Nations Territory” that was published in the Two Row Times.

First of all, I believe the “Multijurisdictional Task Force” being referred to is “Project Shutdown”. The Police Services involved in “Shutdown” are Six Nations, Hamilton, Brantford, Niagara, Waterloo, Halton and the OPP.
Project “Shutdown” targets auto thefts. The jurisdictions represented on this Joint Force Operation have all experienced significant auto theft problems.

Six Nations is the exception; our experience is a stolen vehicle recovery problem. Our Territory is used as a dumping ground for stolen, stripped and burnt out vehicles.

Operation “Shutdown” has made a significant impact in reducing the number of vehicles stolen.

Overall, that means our community sees fewer stolen vehicles dumped here. This means we have fewer stolen vehicle pursuits, which makes our roads safer. In addition, there are fewer stolen vehicles being driven into farmer’s fields damaging crops and then abandoned – this means less loss of income for the farmers. For us as a Police Service, it means Six Nations spends less time recovering stolen vehicles and we can focus on other community safety issues.

Project “Shutdown” also revealed a significant link between the Auto Theft industry and drugs in our community. As a result of information gathered by project “Shutdown” we have successfully conducted a number of drug related investigations.

Three years ago our Police Service was the lead agency in Shutdown; currently Hamilton Police Service is the lead. The position of the Six Nations Police Service on tobacco enforcement on our Territory has always been very clear. We could not condone the presence of any law enforcement agency with the intent to conduct “Tobacco Enforcement” on our Territory. If “Shutdown” in any way focused its activity on tobacco, our Police Service would not be a part of it. We are diligent to ensure all “Shutdown” participants respect our jurisdiction on our Territory.

While we do not do Tobacco Enforcement we have always been clear that if drugs, firearms, any other criminal activity or any organized crime element is present, we will dedicate whatever resources necessary to investigate and take the appropriate enforcement action.

Just as intelligence gathering for tobacco enforcement on the Territory is unacceptable, so is allowing drugs, guns, stolen vehicles and other criminal acts to flourish.

In 2013, “Shutdown” accounted for 192 charges. Not one of the charges had anything to do with tobacco.

In Peace & Friendship,
Glenn M. Lickers, Chief of Police
Six Nations Police Service

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