Recent article on the Mohawk Chapel.

Dear Editors,

Thank you for the recent article on the Mohawk Chapel. You described some of the challenges we face in maintaining an edifice that has over 225 years of history behind it. The one correction to your article I would like to point out is that the Chapel has never moved from its’ original site as was mentioned. It stands exactly where it was built in 1785 and is the only remaining evidence of the original Mohawk village that surrounded it. When the first Mechanic’s School for boys was built in 1807, it was erected in the field across the street from the Chapel. 6 boys attended there. As years went by, it was expanded, renamed and then moved over to the site where the current Mohawk Institute building continues to stand.

This coming Sunday, Aug 24, the Six Nations Anglican parishes are having a service at the Chapel, at 10 AM. It is open to everyone. Hope to see more people there. Also on Oct 5, we are having a Thanksgiving-Remembrance Day Service at which time we will honour those young men who attended the Mohawk Chapel and who also enlisted in WW I.
Note that we always sing some of our hymns in Mohawk. We will give out the words when you get there.

Barry Hill
Chair, Mohawk Chapel Committee

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