Dear editors,
I would like to keep everyone informed of the health care plan developed for, and with, Teiehkwa. The following are reasons for my decision in this life matter.

On 13 August, many of Teiehkwa’s family met with the oncologist and received the diagnosis of cancer, specifically Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, or ALL. This type of cancer generally happens in young children, is the most responsive to chemotherapy, and has an 80% survival rate. Due to Teiehkwa’s age, at eleven years, she is considered a high risk. We heard about the drugs and chemo schedule and what some of the side effects may be for each drug. We heard that Teiehkwa would be tracked for the rest of her life, however, long or short that may be. We are aware that, if chemo is used to kill the cancer, her life expectancy may be decreased. However, without treatment, she had approximately six months to live.

Earlier, I said that I chose chemotherapy despite knowing and believing in naturalistic methods of treating cancer. There are no known side effects to naturalistic treatment. I’ll get back to this after sharing Teiehkwa’s 12 days on chemo. The chemo ravaged her body and spirit. And knowing the side effects of chemo, weighed heavily on my mind and spirit. Teiehkwa suffered horrific pain in her body and unrelenting sickness. I saw that I had chosen this direction during a crisis and now, I needed to trust in what we believed in before cancer became part of our lives. I turned back to holistic healing and therapies.

I am thankful for the outpouring of support; spiritually and financially, and we now have a path for Teiehkwa’s cancer to be treated with natural, holistic methods and our Rotinnoshonni beliefs and protocols. This is the reading done by a family friend who identified that Teiehkwa needs in terms of medicine ceremonies, medicines to drink, and protections. In addition, the Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) will intensely build her immune system using living foods (nothing is processed), supplements and other therapies to detox her body so her body can naturally overcome the cancer.

The Hippocrates Health Institute will continue to provide follow up care for Teiehkwa upon our return from the HHI. I will continue to obtain supplements for Teiehkwa’s immune system. As Ontario Health Coverage does not recognize naturalistic methods of treating cancer, I will need to ensure for the lifestyle change, for my entire family, as natural foods are the major way to maintain health and wellness. I believe that I am making an informed choice and will not compromise Teiehkwa’s quality of life. Family life is taking steps to ensure your children become parents and grandparents. We will be leaving for HHI on September 11th and the estimated return date is October 6th. The HHI treatment is at a substantial cost and I am unable to express the depth of my gratitude for the efforts of many, many family and friends. Your spiritual support, prayers, donations, visits, etc. are life giving. Niawenkowa.

Also please note that there will be a benefit concert for Teiehkwa on Saturday, Sept 13th at 11am at Hanks Place (3675 Fourth Line), Six Nations. Karonyawake Jeff Doreen, Lacey Hill, Baylight, Kontihente, Jace Martin and the Pace, and other acts will be preforming. The suggested admission cost is $10 at the door. Call 519-750-3193 for more information.

Wahsontiio (Deneen Hill)

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