Thanksgiving Day is gone again and Christmas is upon us

My Beloved People,
Thanksgiving Day is gone again and Christmas is upon us.

I spoke to a Longhouse woman recently. She said, “Just like Christmas, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day every day.” I know that to be true.

I was “churched.” I believe all the teachings of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. I have always loved, honoured and cherished the Longhouse people. They have walked the walk of the “spoken word” while I, at times, have talked the talk of the “written word.”

Longhouse people, you have shown me that you live the life. I thank our Creator for your example! I’ve come to realize we both, in our hearts, believe the same thing. Who is the Creator? Who are we? Where are we going? Eternity is in our hearts.

The world’s best selling book states that our Creator reveals himself to us through his handiwork. We Haudenosaunee do not worship his created things, we give thanks to him and praise him for his creation.

A wise chief said, “The more we learn about his created things, the more we learn about the one Great True Creator himself.” He breathes awe and wonders into us and softens our hearts.

A front page columnist for the Toronto Star on Oct.13, 2014 wrote, “Giving Thanks for all Toronto Offers.” He listed several good things for which to give thanks. But not a word was mentioned to whom his thanks was directed. We, Haudensaunee, unashamedly and boldly give thanks to our Creator, Lord of all. We know that in our Creator, we move and live and have our being. When we gather, we stand in a circle, acknowledging that we’re all created equal in our Creator’s eyes.

Centuries ago, uninvited strangers of no fixed address came to us. They were a strange looking people, pale faces, blue eyes and yellow hair. We opened our arms and our hearts.

Perhaps that first conversation between the settler person and the Haudensaunee person went something like this:

SP: We really didn’t know where we were going. We were punished for our beliefs. We wanted a better place. We ended up here.

HP: Welcome! Hungry? We’ll feed you. Very sick? We’ll cure you. Need a place? We have room.

SP: We’re cold. We don’t have more than the clothes on our backs, some pots and pans and some good drink.

HP: We’ll give your babies blankets, medicine to cure your diseases, teach you how to cook new foods (slow cooked foods from scratch) and we’ll teach you how to fish and hunt. You’ll be back on your feet again. We’ll give you “welfare” and see that you survive.

SP: Good deal! I’ll drink to that. Here’s some coloured glass beads and some shiny knives.

HP: We honour the land. We honour people. Creator gave us dominion over the land. His mandate to us was to be good and wise stewards of the land. Creator’s plan never changes.

SP: We don’t know your language.

HP: Our language is a spoken language written in our hearts. Our language is part of us. It’s who we are. It’s a living language and very, very, difficult to understand. It would take a genius to speak it. I’ll speak your language.

SP: Good deal! Bottom’s up!

We’re a thankful people. Like people the world over, we don’t understand all things. We only know in part, but there is a purpose for everything under the sun.

In Creator’s written language, he says, “The last shall be first and the first shall be last.” That time is now!

I heard what the Longhouse woman said, Thanksgiving Day is everyday! And Christmas is upon us. Let’s stand in a circle, unite our hearts and declare “Idle No More” is ground zero.

Deep love and blessings my people,

D. Robertson
Ga weh ni Ostah

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