Thinking about Remembrance day

Dear editors,
I am not sure what to think of Remembrance day. I mean, when you really think about it, back in the day during World War I and II many people joined the army to get the financial resources to help out their family.

What is the reason people do it now? Why did our people join the military during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars that were mainly, like all the others, to steal resources from other natives? The people we were fighting were native to the lands the Corporations of Canada and United States went to invade.

I view it much differently, so I ponder the honour these men hold for fighting for a country they feel needed their support. Makes me also wonder why none of them signed up to fight for their nation and their resources here? Would they if they were given the chance, or does a Corporation need to hire them on and pay them before they will do it?

Our people are tricked into doing many things, but if it were me, I would wonder, why am i going to another native land only to help rob them of their rights and resources? Some things to ponder as we commemorate another remembrance day.

Chiefrock Sino General

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