What you don’t know about the Two Row Times didn’t tell you about wind turbines

Dear Editor,

I cannot get behind the “local news” treatise condemning wind energy in the March 19th news piece entitled: “What you’re not being told about wind energy.”

In the interest of full disclosure, I work for EnerDynamic Hybrid Technologies, a renewable energy manufacturing plant in Welland, and I am a graduate of the Renewable Energy Technician program at Niagara College.

The article refers to wind as “so-called” green energy. While it may be arguable what the definition of “green” is in terms of energy, wind is a renewable source of energy that is created as a by-product of the ever shifting temperatures that occur when our Grandmother the Moon rests and our Brother the Sun rises. As long as the days turn to nights, and the nights turn to days, we will have the winds in perpetuity.

The alternatives to wind are grim.

When the piece talks about the damning conditions that contributed to the plight of the bald eagle population it references a time when the food chain was disrupted by poor environmental conditions. Development was ravaging the country side and part of it was the coal power that was billowing plumes of toxic sludge into the air destroying the ecosystem.

This happened in concert with an eco-thrashing by unregulated business practices that wreaked havoc on our Mother the Earth. Since the colonial powers have deferred these practices to China, seemingly staying our environmental execution for a few decades, we don’t have to watch this happen in our back yard. Instead what we should be watching is smaller, replenishable sources of power such as wind and solar topping off sources that would otherwise be generated by nuclear, natural gas, and coal.

When the Two Row Times took a drive to Nanticoke to watch the “disruption” of the birds migratory routes did they check out that huge decommissioned coal plant that used to kill the birds food sources and poison us, and the birds, with known cancer causing carcinogens? Did the Two Row Times take a drive to any of the urban centres which have skyscrapers where the carcasses of unsuspecting birds need to be routinely scraped from the sidewalks beneath them?

I am no fan of the addiction to power created by the colonial powers that are currently running this place, and I can’t say I love how the energy companies have given what amounts to pennies on the dollar of their profits as an afterthought to try to satiate the “elected” and traditional councils, but I am less of a fan of the alternative.

The alternatives to wind, solar, hydro and other renewable sources of energy are more cancerous coal, natural gas (Elsipogtog anyone? Soaring hydro rates anyone?), and nuclear (spent deadly waste that lasts for upwards of 10,000 years; More soaring hydro rates anyone?). The alternatives to wind are costly, harmful, and sometimes outright deadly.

What should be done is what the Haudenosaunee Development Institute has already started. It needs to be understood that as the caretakers of our Mother the Earth we need to condemn wasteful energy practices first and promote conservation, and then secondly demand that what power is needed to keep things running is done by steadily increasing and improving clean renewable sources of power such as wind.

For every turbine that doesn’t get built there is fat cat in the nuclear industry prospering and a community somewhere in the world that will be exposed to the perpetual risk of a radioactive illness or death to an unsuspecting life.

(Karl Dockstader)

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