Wood stick lacrosse tournament seeks support

Dear Community Members,

As most of you remember in 2008 our community suffered a great shock when Tashina General was reported missing and an even greater loss when three months later she was found murdered along with her unborn baby, victims of domestic violence.

As of 2010 582 cases of missing and/or murdered Ongwehon:we women have been reported in Canada. In 2009, 67 women were killed by an intimate partner, and according to www.canadianwomen.org and Amnesty International Ongwehon:we women are 8 times more likely to be killed by an intimate partner. Although there is next to nothing we as a community can do about these statistics or the choices made by either party to stay in this cycle of abuse, we can, as a community, show the families of those that have been lost to domestic violence that we are here as a support system for them.

According to our stories, when Hiawatha was mourning the death of his daughters the people put on a lacrosse game to lift the heavy burden on his heart.

I am planning a wood stick lacrosse tournament for labour day weekend 2014 to help  the General family, as well other families in our community that have lost their daughters to domestic violence.  I am asking for donations of cash and raffle items for fundraising to make this tournament a reality.  All male Lacrosse players are welcome. For more information contact Cheyenne at cheyenne.may.williams@gmail.com. In respect of these families and the spirit of lacrosse please donate what you can.

Thank you,

Cheyenne Williams

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