Christmas wishes for Six Nations

I have a wish for not only our community, but for everyone in the world. It’s a wish of unity for all of humanity. Ignorance is destroying us and we all need to make the changes to create a better future for the generations to come. Let’s start in every community we all live in. Replace those negative thoughts with positivity and love for each other. – Brian General

My Christmas wish would be for the community to be safe and healthy for the remainder of 2020 and throughout the upcoming 2021. Plus for community healing, finding self peace and becoming the responsible, respectful and kind people we once were. – Clint Doolittle

My wish this Christmas is that we all stay safe and close to our loved ones. This global pandemic has taught me there is nothing more important than family and time. I’ve suffered losses in so many areas of life but pushed through. My wish is that we can leave 2020 in the past, right where it belongs and hope for a better year to come! Best wishes to all. – Bon Hill

My Christmas wish this year is for my family to stay healthy so that we can get together again soon. My wish for my community is the same. I want everyone to stay safe and take care of themselves. – Lindsay Sault

My winter solstice wish for myself and our community is good health and great outcomes for any obstacles we may be facing, individually or collectively. I hope 2021 is a year of moving forward in the areas of land issues and social ills. Most of all, peace to all. – Janie Jamieson

If I could have a wish come true for my home community it would be that people paid more attention to our youth as a collective, youth engagement grades 7 and 8 is needed. It’s that age where puberty happens and we need more mentoring programs. Support programs for families, men, women, and our young. Get active, get competitive, get together! – Andrea Curley

I wish for all of six nations to unite through this and lift each other up in 2021! We are stronger together! – Jace Martin

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