Redefining The Meaning of A Drive By

It’s been about three weeks now that Ontario leaders and health officials alike have made strides to cut down on the spread of Covid-19, including a highly recommended self isolation, or “quarantine” for every household.

It was in early to mid March that the virus began its notoriously uncontrollable spread within the country, and since then almost every city has been shut down to only essential services and is scheduled to continue this way until at least mid-May.

Throughout the past few weeks spent in isolation, every single person has been directly affected in one way or another, or in some cases many. Small businesses remain closed, people are left without work, and families are kept from each other in a time of fear and need. Not to mention, the families immediately affected by contraction of the virus.

However, life, as it does, has seemed to “find a way”, as physically distanced friends and loved ones begin to feel the sting of isolation.

Families and friends are now trying to find creative ways to stay connected during, let’s be honest, some pretty uneasy times as the weeks tally up through the Covid-19 pandemic. After all that’s what family and friends are for: being there to make you smile when you’re feeling sad or scared.

We, as a human race, are adapting and finding ways to still celebrate the goodness in human connection and interaction while still keeping a safe distance.

Recently, “Birthday Drive By’s” have become increasingly popular in the area, popping up in various neighbourhoods and towns nearby. These “Drive By’s” consist of a parade of vehicles individually adorned with balloons, banners, signs and cheers from its passengers as they pass by the home of their loved ones in quarantine. A Drive By could be to celebrate a birthday, retirement, anniversary, or basically anything that would normally give reason for people to celebrate. This way, people can still spread a message of love and unity to their friends and family members while respecting each other’s protective bubbles.

This world wide pandemic is unlike anything most of us will have seen or will see in our lifetime. However, it’s the strength in human spirit, the strength in community, and the strength in togetherness that will bring us joy and ease throughout the entirety of isolation.

There is no doubt that people will continue to find ways to connect and shed joy and light during these clouded days.

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