Hess impressive in first round TKO

BRANTFORD — It was kind of a “do-over” for Super Welterweight, Karl “the Razor” Hess in Collingwood last weekend as he and fellow Black-Eye-Boxing club mate, heavyweight. Craig “Wardog” Hudson came home with impressive wins.

For Hess, the disappointment of loosing his first professional bout in Mississauga was avenged as he delivered a first round TKO of opponent Christobal Diego, who had a 3-1 record, going in.

Hess looked much less nervous in his second professional fight and carried himself as the better trained and more confident of the two combatants, even though the fight only lasted three minutes.

Six Nation professional Super Welterweight, Karl “the Razor” Hess scored a TKO in the first round over 25-year-old Christobal Diego of Acacoyagua, Chiapas, Mexico. Diago could not answer the bell for the second round giving Hess a TKO, officially in the first. round. SUBMITTED PHOTO

“I had a lot of confidence going in,” said Hess back at his home club. “I felt calm and ready.”

Following the first fight at the Hershey Centre, Hess admitted to having a sinus infection which severely hampered his breathing, but he didn’t want that to be seen as an excuse for loosing so he did not dwell on it, but it was a factor.

“I stayed calm in the first round and I know he was dizzy a couple of times, but I didn’t want to use up much energy to try and knock him out early,” said Hess.  “I just kept boxing like I was supposed to. I heard somebody yell there was 10 seconds left in the round so I thought, I better hit him and go for it. I caught him in the corner with a left hook to the ear followed by a right cross to the forehead.”

And Hess hits hard, crumpling Diego to the canvas in the corner before the bell rang.

As Armour explains, “when someone is knocked down before the bell and you’re five seconds into the count, he can not be saved by the bell. The count continues and he still has to get up in 10-seconds and say is ready to fight.”

Hess was in his corner being tended to by his cornermen, when the referee came over and declared the fight over, that Diego could not answer the bell for round two and the fight was over. Diego’s corner said he had hurt his arm when he went down awkwardly after Hess knocked him to the canvas at the end of the round.

This is the real Razor Hess. He increased his running regimen after his first fight and his cardio was much better, even though he didn’t really need it in this short bout.

“I think if he had have been able to continue, the way it was going Razor would have put him away in the second,” said Armour.

“He runs 18 Kilometres a week,” says Armour. “I think he has always had that talent as a runner. Hell, he’s related to Tom Longboat and he can go forever and can do 5K in 18-minutes. Those are pretty good numbers.”

Hess had a lot of positive things to say about his professional stablemate, heavyweight,  Craig “Wardog” Hudson, who also won his bout in Collingwood.

“He kept his composure and just outboxed the other guy,” said Hess about Hudson’s performance.

“Wardog” earned a unanimous decision for his fist professional win improving his record to 1-3.
“It was a big night for us,” said Black-Eye-Boxing Club’s head-coach Jackie Armour. “This is the best I have seen Karl and ‘Wardog’ went in 0-3, but he faced some very big upcoming names in Canadian boxing with much more ring experience in the first three fights.”

His opponent in Collingwood was Rodrigo Pacheco whose record now falls to 4-3-2.

Armour instructed Hudson to take it easy and not spend too much too soon, thinking his opponent might be holding something back for the later rounds. As it turned out, he was right and Hudson was facing a more aggressive opponent in the last round. But Armour’s team has been working with Hudson’s defence recently and he called upon those skills to weather the storm while still winning the round and ultimately the thumbs-up from all three ring judges.

Hudson is a bit of an enigma having turned pro at the tender age of 43. He is now 44 but it is the best shape this 44-year-old has ever been in his life.

Six-foot-five Hudson has come down from 265 lbs. and is now a trim and hard 226 lbs. and has something to prove. Part of his success against the scales included a lifestyle change and “Wardog” is now a vegan.

“There was no losing,” said Hudson about the fight. “We trained hard for it and me and Jackie had a plan going in and we pulled it off.”

Hudson was also busier than he had been, but now that he is in good fighting shape, he can, and did against Pacheco.

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