Corvairs start last hurdle to Sutherland Cup playoffs

CALEDONIA — The Pro-fit Caledonia Corvairs face the fourth seed Waterloo Siskins on the OHA, Jr. B, GOJHL semi-finals, which began Wednesday night, April 13, at the Haldimand Centre Arena in Caledonia.

Stratford Cullitons are up against the London Nationals in the other semi-final series after Waterloo won the wild card berth. The winners of these two series will play for the Sutherland Cup.

“We have been working hard all season, we deserve this,” said general manager Brian Rizzetto, who is not surprised at the power his team has shown all year, but especially through the playoffs.

The Corvairs have swept away the Pelham Panthers, Niagara Falls Canucks and St. Catharines Falcons, with very little trouble at all. But there is still another hurdle to get to the Sutherland Cup playoffs. They must defeat the Waterloo Siskins who are having a fine playoff season themselves and have momentum coming into the semi-final round.

As a team, the fourth seeded Siskins have been overachieving as of late and when a team is doing that, anything is possible. Is that of anything concern for the Corvairs?

“We just have to give them the same respect we would anyone at this time of the year,” said Rizzetto. “They got to the final four and beat Kitchener, the top team in the regular season, to get there.”

Last year, the Pro-Fit Caledonia Corvairs defeated Waterloo in the 2015 semi-finals, going on to win their second consecutive Cup. Corvairs fans hope to see history repeat itself this year.

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