Arrows on a roll

SIX NATIONS – The Six Nations Arrows added two more consecutive home wins to their repertoire, as they blasted the Peterborough Lakers 16-8 last Thursday, and disabled the Orangeville Northmen 11-2 on Sunday.

The Peterborough Lakers seemed to make a lot of head way in the first period as they led the score by 1 goal beginning the second 4-3; however, the second period gave a lot of back and forth, up until Austin Staats scored the ninth goal for the Arrows and a hat-trick that seemed to break the seal for goals.

Tehoka Nanticoke scored a hat-trick too, and Staats scored two more. By the third period the game was wrapped up in favour of the Arrows, as the Arrows defence shut down Peterborough’s attempts at coming back.

As for the game versus the Orangeville Northmen, it was easy to see that the Arrows defence has become a unit to be reckoned with as it wasn’t that the Northmen weren’t trying, they simply could not score.

Of the Arrows defence is dedicated first year, Chaunce Hill, who confidently offered his take on the game as he has been travelling from Tonawanda with his brother Owen Hill simply to be a part of the team.

“It was a great team win,” said Hill. “We just want to make a statement to the league and take first place,” he said.

When asked what drew him to want to play for the Six Nations Arrows, the former Junior B Niagara Thunderhawks player explained that it’s part of a dream he has.

“It’s just their whole background, like they’re back to back right now and it’s been my dream to get a Minto Cup,” he said, explaining that he wants to help the team get there.

With the Arrows being the ‘team to beat’ it’s easy to see that with dedicated and talented players, the Arrows will likely continue to offer a great season.

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