Due to COVID-19 no Major Series Lacrosse and Ontario Senior ‘B’ lacrosse this summer

You can now add Major Series Lacrosse and Ontario Senior ‘B’ Lacrosse to the list of summer sports which have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Approximately a month after the Ontario Junior ‘C’ Lacrosse League cancelled their season, an announcement was made that the Major Series Lacrosse and the Ontario Senior ‘B’ leagues were going to follow suite in not playing until next year.

“Like everyone, I am disappointed that there is no lacrosse season this summer,” Six Nations Rivermen Senior ‘B’ goalie Warren Hill said. “I had hoped for a season but wasn’t going to hold my breath with the uncertainty of the situation. So, it came to no shock they decided to cancel, which I fully understand and respect the decision.”

In terms of striving for back to back President Cup championships, Hill stated, “It was definitely a goal to defend (this year) the Presidents Cup and would have been a great accomplishment for the organization to repeat. To play for the Rivermen is special and something I would look forward to every summer. To play at the old GPA in front of friends and family, is definitely special.”

Meanwhile, the Major Series Lacrosse (MSL), were looking at a revised schedule, but after that was rejected a final decision was made to scrap the season.

“I was very disappointed about the season being cancelled,” Six Nations Chiefs goalie Douglas Jamieson said. “I was having a good season for New England and I was looking forward to carrying that over to the Chiefs this season.” Jamieson also went on to add, “Competing for a Mann Cup would be a dream come true. I think we had a good shot. We were two games away last season.”

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait for the 2021 season to see if the Rivermen can successfully defend as Presidents Cup champions and to see if the Six Nations Chiefs can indeed complete the mission of capturing the Mann Cup.

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