Haudenosaunee U-19’s get ready for World Women’s games

Headquarters for the Haudenosaunee U-19 Women’s Field Lacrosse team is the University of Syracuse in New York, but Six Nations of the Grand River and other Haudenosaunee communities throughout Ontario and New York do not recognize the US–Canada border as applying to them.

The Haudenosaunee Women’s U-19’s will once again carry the Purple and White Haudenosaunee flag at the World U-19 Field Lacrosse games this year held in Edinburgh Scotland between from July 23rd to August 1st 2015. Several Six Nations of the Grand River players will represent the community well. File Photo from 2012.
The Haudenosaunee Women’s U-19’s will once again carry the Purple and White Haudenosaunee flag at the World U-19 Field Lacrosse games this year held in Edinburgh Scotland between from July 23rd to August 1st 2015. Several Six Nations of the Grand River players will represent the community well. File Photo from 2012.

Lacrosse is one of the few sports that recognize the Haudenosaunee as a distinct Nation and have allowed Haudenosaunee players to participate under their own flag.
This is the incentive that has driven many of the goals and ambitions of Haudenosaunee teams for the past several years. Both woman and men’s teams have represented the Purple and White well and use events like the upcoming World Lacrosse Championships in Edinburgh, Scotland this summer to proudly carry the Creators Game to the world.

The love of lacrosse is spreading globally, and Colombia, Finland, Israel and the Republic of Korea will be competing at women’s U19 level for the first time this year. Other participating Nations include Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Scotland, USA and Wales.

The Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) began including women’s teams in 1995. Men’s World teams have competed since 1988. Over those years, 52 Nations have sent teams to World Lacrosse events in both men’s and women’s divisions, while 23 other Nations are currently building lacrosse programs throughout South America, Asia and Africa.

Due to its growth and popularity, a movement to include lacrosse as a full Olympic Sport has been steadily growing as well.

In Canada, the Haudenosaunee U-19 team won the “B” Finals and the U-15’s won the “C” Finals last year. The U-19’s will cash in on a very strong developmental program with several of last year’s U-15’s moving up to the already strong U-19’s.

The team, coached by Regy Thorp, has been practicing and conducting scrimmages with the University team at the University of Syracuse site to get ready for Scotland. They have also played two exhibition games against Team Canada.

“I would first like to say thank you to all the players and their families who have come to our various tryouts and development stages. The pool of players that were competing for the roster spots was very competitive. The future of Haudenosaunee women’s lacrosse looks to be building momentum and it’s a very exciting time to be part of this organization,” said Coach Thorpe at the Final Roster Announcement meeting.

According to Inside Lacrosse Magazine, Thorp carries a lifetime of lacrosse experience and wisdom. He is a graduated player of Syracuse University and presently the assistant coach for the Division 1 Syracuse University women’s lacrosse team – a role he has held since 2009, as well as being the Director of Team Recruitment. In addition to his history at Syracuse University, he has been an integral part of many elite teams, including Head Coach of the Hamilton Nationals, in the Major Lacrosse League (MLL), General Manager of the Rochester Knighthawks in the National Lacrosse League (NLL), and Head Coach of the Six Nations Arrows Junior A team in the Ontario Lacrosse Association.

“I am excited and honored to be selected to coach the U-19 Haudenosaunee ladies. The culture and the people have always been close to my heart,” says Thorpe. “The Board has helped me put together some awesome coaching staff and we are already hard at work.”

The Haudenosaunee women have been practicing together at the University for 18 months in preparation for Scotland.

By fielding an all Haudenosaunee team, the number of hopefuls for Thorpe and his staff of to choose from was about 75 applicants while the other national teams have hundreds to sift through.

This year’s Haudenosaunee team still has some veteran players left but also carries a good number of younger and speedier players.

Mohawk, Turtle, Jadyn Bomberry is one of the new faces on the U19’s. Jadyn is described as a hard worker and dedicated player who continually keeps improving her skills.

“This invitation to the team Worlds was her biggest goal,” says Jadyn’s mother Christina Bomberry. “She has been approached by six different schools on lacrosse scholarships. Three of those are Division #1 schools, two Division #2 and a Division #3 school.”

Right now Jadyn is looking at a Division #1 school in Pennsylvania as her choice, but she has not made her final decision on that yet. She will be taking Sports Medicine and already has a background in language, which she may also pursue.

There may be an exhibition game scheduled for the new Six Nations Field Lacrosse Pitch this summer, but that has not been confirmed as yet.

The final roster for the U-19’s has been named below which also lists schools and graduating dates:

Attack –
McKenzie Harris, Brighton (N.Y.), 2017 – Seneca Nation
Shayla Scanlan, Lake Shore (N.Y), 2017 – Seneca Nation
Alanna Herne, Buffalo State College (N.Y.) – Mohawk Nation

Attack/Midfield – 
Cheyenne Burnam, Onondaga Community College (N.Y.) – Mohawk Nation
Ashley Hill, McKinnon Park Secondary (O.N., Canada), 2018 – Mohawk Nation

Alie Jimerson, University at Albany (N.Y.) – Cayuga Nation
Dana Issacs, McKinnon Park Secondary (O.N., Canada), 2015 – Onondaga Nation
Lynnzee Miller, The Hill Academy (O.N., Canada), 2016 – Mohawk Nation
Victoria Thompson, Salmon River (N.Y.), 2015 – Mohawk Nation
Jalyn Jimerson, Lake Shore (N.Y.), 2018 – Cayuga Nation
Jacelyn Lazore, Salmon River (N.Y.), 2018 – Mohawk Nation
Leini Johnson, McKinnon Park Secondary (O.N., Canada) – Mohawk Nation

Mia DiBello, Syracuse University (N.Y.) – Oneida Nation
Jadyn Bomberry, McKinnon Park Secondary (O.N., Canada), 2016 – Mohawk Nation
Tsiotenhariio Herne, Salmon River (N.Y.), 2015 – Mohawk Nation

Kori Tewateranhiank’wa McComber, New Hampton (N.H.), 2016 – Mohawk Nation

Samantha Williams, McKinnon Park Secondary (O.N., Canada), 2016 – Onondaga Nation

Jenna Haring, Lake Shore (N.Y.), 2016 – Seneca Nation

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  2. Wooohooooo…..our girls are getting the attention the deserve!!!!……. its crazy how much lax talent is on the rez..from our young girls…Sooo fast….Stick skills are outta this world… the dedication to the sport is awesome…so many families back them up, you see the odd Boyfriend here and there all proud on the sidelines…… cause his GF just riped top corner on a goalie…lol! So happy we have the lax fields/blue track now too… soo healthy to see so many families walking an running as the various girls/boys teams practice….
    ….Any fundrainsnig this team does…LETS ALL SUPPORT THE HECK OUTTA THEM!!!!.. theses girls are flying to Scotland, lax stick in hand ready to GO….and to represent US/YOU!!!!……they are just as important as our talented/goldin boys/men Rebs, Rows, Chiefs n RiverMen…. its gonna be another great year for lacrossse!!! for everyone.

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