New jerseys for the Women’s ALL West as registration opens

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The ALL West Women’s Division proudly announced the 2023 team names along with their new jersey designs to be produced by Xtreme Threads, with three women behind their design including Savanna Smith, Denise Forlin, Christine Morrison and Jenn Forlin.

“Lacrosse is a gift given to Indigenous Peoples by the Creator, it is the Medicine game and also played for the Creator’s enjoyment. It is because of lacrosse’s roots that we decided to take the animals from the Story of the Great Ball Game or as some refer to it, the First Lacrosse Game story. This story is impactful in that it teaches us that regardless of what others may think of you, every player brings something to the table and if you’re willing to work hard enough and make sacrifices that you can do anything,” reads the ALL West Women’s Division website.

“We choose to use animals from the story as our team names as each animal holds meaning on its own. The six animals and team names are Bear, Deer, Turtle, Hawk, Bat and Flying Squirrel.”

The Bear is cited as representing courage. The design choose colours from the three bears we have in British Columbia and integrate them into the design. Using black to represent the black bear, brown to represent grizzlies and white to represent the Spirit Bear.

Deer is cited as representing tenderness tempered with strength and the design choose colours from the black tailed deer found throughout B.C.

Turtles represent truth and wisdom and the design incorporates colours from native turtles to B.C., like the painted turtle.

Hawks are said to represent determination, and focus and the design took colours from the Northern Goshawk that resides all over B.C., who are hard to view as they prefer to live away from civilization.

Bats represent transition, and the start of a new beginning with the colour of the Silver- haired Bat native to BC.

The Flying Squirrel represents keeping focus on one’s dreams and goals, the design takes from the Northern Flying Squirrel that is native to B.C.

Each animal is represented by the jersey colours, and a silhouette on the uniform shorts; the silhouette is to represent the animal as we continue to grow as a league we can begin to explore other logos each year to represent the animal.

As for the East, the registration fees for the 2023 Eastern Women’s Division is $225 and are due by December 1st to ensure your spot. Payment after December 1st is subject to a $25 late fee. Payment can be made through the ALL Store or by etransfer: East –

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