Lacrosse community grieved over loss of two young players

OHSWEKEN – The Six Nations community is in mourning after the tragic loss of two young boys in a devastating October 15 car accident.

The early morning accident occurred on Fourth Line, west of Chiefswood Road, and resulted in the untimely deaths Vern Henhawk, 15 and Kamren Powless, 14.

Both young men had a burning passion for lacrosse.

“They could always make you laugh,” Six Nations Minor Lacrosse President Kevin McNaughton said. “As a coach you shared their highs and lows. You invest a piece of yourself into the future generations that creates a bond that makes you family.”
McNaughton also added, “Several communities have sent thoughts and prayers across Ontario. As well as the United States.”

Showing what kind of tremendous impact these two individuals had, McNaughton and a small group of kids raise their respective lacrosse sticks as a sign of respect and to say goodbye and salute as the casket passed by.

“It’s just one last salute before we can’t say goodbye anymore,” McNaughton said. “An honouring of being able to play or know an individual.”

Showing just how close the minor lacrosse family is, Six Nations have had many lacrosse communities from close and far away offer their sincerest condolences along with raising their lacrosse sticks to honour the lives of Vern Henhawk and Kamren Powless.

Messages of condolences and photos of different aged lacrosse players were posted to the Six Nations Minor Lacrosse Facebook page, holding their lacrosse stick high in the air as a salute and sign of respect for Henhawk and Powless.

This unfortunate tragic event, shows just how close and caring the minor lacrosse community really is.

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