Rough Ride for the Bengals

SIX NATIONS – What was thought to be a close match up, the Six Nations Rebels took on the Hamilton Bengals at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena last Friday, June 10, and walked away with a win of 13-4.

The first two goals went to the Bengals, after a lot of aggression on defence won them possession of the ball and cut-short the Rebels attempts at scoring. This offered a lot of initial excitement for spectators, but the deficit was quickly cut by Rebels Captain Danton Miller and Assistant Captain Josh Miller, both scoring one a piece.

Following into the second period, the Bengals seemed to slow down on what had been tough and aggressive defence. Several defenders left their positions to follow cutters, accidentally opening up shooting lanes for Rebels offence. Just as expected, the Rebels took advantage as Longboat scored, and started a series of goals by Assistant Captain ‘Wes’ Whitlow and Chayton King by the end of the period.

By the third period, the Rebels were up 5-2 and their momentum didn’t seem to have an end in sight. Two minutes into the period Jeremy Bomberry shot and scored a fast one past the goalie and a minute later King scored his second with a far out shot. With two more goals from “AP” Riley Miller and Captain Danton Miller. This brought a lot of aggression from the Bengals, but the Rebels defence was working just as hard at the other end, preventing the Bengals from scoring even once in the period.

This brought the Bengals to bring out their second goalie, Josh Daley, who was immediately undermined as Longboat scored seconds after his descent in net. On the fly, defender Dreyton Martin scored with a short break away and minutes later Josh Miller scored his second of the game. After a full dry period, the Bengals finally answered one goal, but Longboat scored his third for a hat-trick shortly thereafter.

This ended the game 13-4, with the Rebels proving strong defence can win games when partnered with strong offence.ezney Martin

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