Outdoor sports enthusiasts challenged in The Radicals

Released in fall of 2018, The Radicals pairs itself with breathtaking cinematography and immersive storytelling as a documentary film that follows four snowboarders and surfers reaching out to indigenous communities as they become stewards for the environments in which their sports find home.

By enjoying and appreciating their natural surroundings, these awakened athletes introduce the audience to some of the worlds most dedicated activists and game-changing wilderness initiatives that can actually change the world.

Thus, the documentary is a blend of sports action and frontline Indigenous activism, as the film takes the audience beyond the waves and snowscapes of B.C. and into the communities and issues faced by the people that have lived and sustained themselves in those same landscapes for millennia.

As the narrative is established between former and current pro-surfers and snow-boarders, the mic is then given to the indigenous communities that they’ve built relationships with so that they can tell their own stories.

The communities included within the documentary are the Haida, as their connection to the land, art and culture runs deep, the Musgamagw & Namgis, as open-pen fish farms pollute the ocean and endanger the wild salmon as well as all the other wildlife that contribute to the ecosystem, the Tahltan, as resource extraction proceeding without community consent in Northern B.C., banded the people of the land together to fight for their rights, and the Xwisten Nation, as hydro-electric dams are causing the destruction of salmon habitats on their beloved Bridge River.

One of the filmmakers said that any profits from the film will be split between the First Nations featured in the film and hopes that the documentary will inspire those that view it.

“The Radicals inspires us to shift our perspective, rise above the challenges of modern society and dig into our roots to create radical waves of change, while still enjoying the thrill of nature, gravity, and a sense of real purpose,” reads their online website.

A lot of showings can also be found, as no private release date has been set.

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