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  • Does Facebook Make you Unhappy?0

    Taking a break from internet slang this week we will play a bit of catch up with internet news and information. Does Facebook Make you Unhappy? A study that tracked young adults during a two week period suggests Facebook causes unhappiness, says Time. com. Ethan Cross is a is a social psychologist at the University

  • Our Language is Sovereignty5

    My Dudah’s English (language) name was Frances Butler and she married Joseph Garlow back before there was hydro on Six Nations Reserve No. 40.

  • Memes (pronounced ‘meems’)0

    There’s times when I use terms and phrases in every day speech that are commonly used online but just sound weird to say out loud in public. This week it has become apparent that I need to introduce some of these slang words into the rez vocabulary. It is my duty and responsibility to honor