Ogala Leader Confirms Johnny Depp is looking to buy Wounded Knee

My father Andrew has no idea how to use a computer. In fact he doesn’t even know how to turn one on and he has no interest in learning. He really loves news though and usually watches CNN and other news networks and often times I will tell him his news is old news because I have already seen it on Facebook. Lately I have been giving him up to the minute updates from my Facebook feed or I will let him know what the internet is talking about to keep him current. Why not do an update for everyone from the Six Nations community?

Here are the big headlines from Facebook this week:

1. Ogala Leader Confirms Johnny Depp is looking to buy Wounded Knee

Hollywood star Johnny Depp is interested in buying the 40-acre site of the 1890 massacre for a total of 4.9 million dollars. The actor who is known for playing Captain Jack Sparrow in the highly successful Pirates of the Carribean series has said “This historical land is so important to the Sioux culture and all I want to do is buy it and give it back.”


Stephen Kelland:  “The government should take the land for the Oglala and just pay fair market value. its not right that anyone should make money of a massacre”

2. A Canadian genocide in search of a name

A study has been published by the University of Guelph that proves Canadian authorities knowingly and wilfully starved aboriginal children in residential schools for nutritional ‘experiments’. Most native families are aware of these kinds of horror stories but the general Canadian population has recently been shocked to learn about this treatment. This illegal experimentation meets three criteria for the grounds of genocide as defined by the United Nations.


Nelson Nothin “It’s been 7 generations since we started sharing our world with them, it’ll take us another 7 generations for us to all Heal, peace!”

3. Aboriginal Leaders worry about oil industry pollution on traditional lands

The Chief and council of Cold Lake First Nations are deeply concerned about bitumen emulsion from oil wells that are contaminating their land and killing waterfowl, shrews, beaver and frogs. A spill was reported June 24 by Canada Natural Resources Ltd. affecting 40 hectares of land located 240 km east of Edmonton, Alberta. This area has been federally recognized as part of the Cold Lake Nation’s traditional territory.


Sharon Procter: “we need to make our politicians hear us: stop killing the earth. Funny, isn’t it that ecology boils down to this: if we kill the earth, we kill ourselves.”

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