What’s trending: July 20, 2016

Melania versus Michelle — who said it better?

A video comparing a speech Donald Trump’s wife Melania made at the Republican National Convention with a speech Michelle Obama made in 2008 is stirring the internet this week. Mrs. Trump reads the speech with a heavy Russian accent that match portions of Michelle’s speech word for word — and people instantly noticed.
The Republican camp is denying accusations of plagiarism but CNN reported that Trump was “furious” about the speech and some have speculated that whoever wrote the speech will be fired. Millions are silently watching and eating popcorn.

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Kim Kardashian releases the smoking gun against Taylor

Taylor Swift has publicly denounced Kanye Wests song “Famous” which has lyrics about her that Swifts squad has said are “inappropriate and misogynistic.” West also raps “I made that bitch famous” in reference to Taylor Swift.
The internet literally died for a few minutes after Kim Kardashian released a video on Snapchat that shows Kanye speaking with Taylor on speaker phone and getting her permission to release the song as is. Taylor responded saying she didn’t okay that specific B-word would be in the song and feels betrayed.
Many bystanders and friends or acquaintances of the celebrities have commented on either side of the West/Swift feud.

Pokemon GO takes the world by storm

Police are issuing warnings against trespassing and carelessness after the release of Pokemon GO. Canada’s Correctional service tweeted, “Our Institutions are private property — playing #PokémonGo there is trespassing.” So kids are breaking into jails searching for digital creatures, great.
A pregnant 18 year old Missouri woman was ran over while playing Pokemon GO, her child had to be delivered by an emergency C-section.
Despite these problems, the value of Nintendo’s shares has dramatically doubled since GO’s launch, even though Nintendo owns only a third of the Pokemon Company.
According to the statistics, Pokemon GO has more daily active users than the Twitter App, and is on its way to overtaking Snapchat, Tinder and other mobile giants — more than 20 million peak users worldwide and it’s only going up.


Respected musician passes away

Many communities are mourning the loss of Lars Antone, especially the Chippewa, Oneida and Muncey reserves which are near London, Ontario. Many from the Six Nations have also sent their condolences over Facebook this week.
Just the day before he passed away Lars wrote on Facebook, “Good day y’all. Feeling pretty mellow right now. Off to me mommas today, love you mom. Race is on. Blue jays play later, a lovin’ lil’ fam, and guitars to satisfy my soul. Life is pretty special these days. Nothin’ to complain about, nothin’ to take for granted. Only smiles and happiness today. Enjoy the day my friends. PEACE AND STAY GOLD!!!!”
He will be missed.

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