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  • Does Facebook Make you Unhappy?0

    Taking a break from internet slang this week we will play a bit of catch up with internet news and information. Does Facebook Make you Unhappy? A study that tracked young adults during a two week period suggests Facebook causes unhappiness, says Time. com. Ethan Cross is a is a social psychologist at the University

  • Memes (pronounced ‘meems’)0

    There’s times when I use terms and phrases in every day speech that are commonly used online but just sound weird to say out loud in public. This week it has become apparent that I need to introduce some of these slang words into the rez vocabulary. It is my duty and responsibility to honor

  • Ancient rock etchings found in Nevada could be oldest in North America0

    There are some limestone boulders near Pyramid Lake in north Nevada desert that are causing quite a stir amongst the scientific community. Radiocarbon tests suggest the etchings may be as much as 14,800 years old. If true, it would complicate the current scientific theories about the origins of mesoamerican indigenous people. “We initially thought people