Does Facebook Make you Unhappy?

Taking a break from internet slang this week we will play a bit of catch up with internet news and information.

Does Facebook Make you Unhappy?

facebookhappyA study that tracked young adults during a two week period suggests Facebook causes unhappiness, says Time. com. Ethan Cross is a is a social psychologist at the University of Michigan who conducted the study and also had this to say, “Maybe when you’re looking at Facebook you’re engaging in a lot of social comparisons. Maybe when you’re on Facebook you’re not engaging in other kinds of activities that may be good for you, like getting outside, exercising and interacting with people in daily life.” The study mostly focused on the effects of perceived popularity, negative emotional experiences, and social envy which can occur during an average Facebook experience.

‘Mega-canyon’ discovered under ice in Greenlandbamber1HR_270x239

Space exploration has taken a back seat this week as it seems that our Earth may still have large undiscovered areas. Researchers from United Kingdom and Germany have discovered a massive canyon under the ice sheets that cover Greenland. The canyon is at least 750 kilometers long and 800 meters deep, in some parts. Its scale is being compared to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The canyon cannot be seen with the naked eye. “A discovery of this nature shows that the Earth has not yet given up all its secrets. A 750 kilometer canyon preserved under the ice for millions of years is a breathtaking find in itself, but this research is also important in furthering our understanding of Greenland’s past. This area’s ice sheet contributes to sea level rise and this work can help us put current changes in context,” said David Vaughan, ice2sea coordinator at British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge. This study inspires much discussion about climate change and global warming amongst internet-goers, discussions which may not always be civil.

Ohio Woman Breaks Window & Demands Chicken McNuggets


This video was posted in 2010 but has recently gone viral in a scene straight out of an episode of the Walking Dead mixed with the Exorcist. Except that it really happened. Melodi Dushane attempted to buy McNuggets at 10:30am but was informed that McDonald’s only serves breakfast items at that time. She then began to rage and smash the window screaming obsenities, death threats and strange sayings such as “don’t make me assume my ultimate form”. The 24-year-old was arrested for felony vandalism and booked into Ohio’s Lucas County Jail. Dushane said she was drunk and pleaded not guilty to the charge, but was jailed for 60 days and ordered to pay McDonald’s for the broken window, CBS News reported.

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