Robots & Heroines in Dystopia – E3 2015

Every year around this time something tremendously epic happens. Gamers get a glimpse into the future at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo which is most commonly called E3. This year was no disappointment.

Trailers and announcements for the huge franchises were everywhere – Halo 5, Fallout 4, Dishonored 2, Uncharted 4, and most notoriously a PS4 exclusive remake of Final Fantasy VII. People went insane over that announcement. It was a quasi-religious experience.

But year after year innovative and fresh games are announced – some by unknown developers – that become huge hits and blockbusters in their own right. Let’s take a look at a handful of some promising titles that are pushing the limits of human imagination!


Horizon Zero Dawn

Native gamers will react to the post-apocalyptic world of Horizon Zero Dawn differently than our non-indigenous counterparts. In this game set far into the future humanity has returned to a natural state and huge cities have become overgrown jungles with skyscrapers sprouting greenery.

Sony choose a female hero to be the protagonist but a report said it wasn’t an easy decision. The remnants of the ancient technology are gigantic robot dinosaurs that you have to hunt and harvest for resources. The graphics and combat look killer. Available on Sony PS4 sometime in 2016.

No Mans

No Man’s Sky

Uncharted Waters was released in 1994 for the Super Nintendo and it was an awesome game. You could explore, trade, upgrade your fleet and fight pirates in the seven seas – it had everything. Fast forward to today and No Man’s Sky has taken the idea and multiplied it by 18 quintillion.

This procedurally generated universe of billions of galaxies would take billions of years to fully explore. You take your space ship and can land on planets and find stuff to trade with other players and make sweet upgrades to your stuff. Largest game ever imagined and it will be released for PS4 and eventually PC. Release date to be announced.

Unravel Unravel

Indisputably E3’s most adorable game, Unravel combines time-honored and proven side scroller gameplay with a unique twist. Our hero is a tiny yarn creature with a huge heart named Yarny and he jumps and swings his way through enchanting landscapes as he weaves a charming adventure. It’s like Jeremy the Bear meets Bionic Commando! This endearing puzzle platform game will come out for the PC Windows, PS4 and XBOX One. Release date to be announced.

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