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  • ImagineNATIVE set to begin

    ImagineNATIVE set to begin0

    TORONTO — The anticipated 19th Annual ImagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival will run until Sunday of this week at 401 Richmond St. West, with the entire Richmond Building hosting the Art Crawl. This years festival will present 153 individual media works including 10 dramatic feature length films which is the most in ImagineNATIVE history.

  • Bringing stone to life, with Solomon King

    Bringing stone to life, with Solomon King0

    Sculptor, Mason and Stone Artisan Solomon King was commissioned to create the turtle sculpture that will be placed at the centre of the indigenous healing garden outside of Toronto City Hall. The turtle represents the land and clans of many bloodlines of indigenous people. Used for the basis of the sculpture, the depicted turtle climbing

  • A haunting we will go

    A haunting we will go0

    As the month of October steadily approaches and the plethora of Halloween decorations pile up in department stores across the country, this article has been compiled to offer seasonal options for those that want to enjoy the fun from the comfort of their homes and those that want to get out and touch the festivities.