Live Music Fridays: Q&A with Jace Martin

BRANTFORD – Beginning on Friday, March 23 the Live Music Fridays Concert Series is set to host a myriad of indigenous artists at Club N.V., to offer evenings with the likes of Derek Miller, Crystal Shawanda and Jace Martin.

Martin provided some insight through a Q&A before the opening concert where he will be offering a performance alongside The Healers and The Pace this coming Friday.


Q: How did you become a part of the series?

A: This Concert series has been a work in progress. I am the president of Darren Ross Agency, based on Six Nations that is in our 3rd year of operation. We connect artists with events. We have built a relationship with Club NV in Brantford over the past four years, holding N.Y.E. events, March Winter Blues Events and other special events, but only one at a time. So I was excited that the club asked us to design and curate a concert series concept that would draw music fans and have the opportunity to be a yearly series. So I took that information and created a series called “LIVE Music Fridays” Concert Series that will take place from March 23 – Aug 31, 2018. The series will showcase some of the finest local artists & will feature a few headlining events. There are nine shows in the series and 14 bands being showcased.


Q: How do you feel about being a part of the opening night?

A: I am excited to kick off the series with The Healers. My cousin Carter Bomberry performs with The Healers, so its always a great time to perform with family. The last show we did at Club N.V., was packed and filled with so much great energy, so we are expecting more of the same! Also, we wanted the first show to be right – to set the tone for the rest of the series. So our first three events are main events; with The Healers, Jace Martin. Then April 27, with the return of The “Big Joe” Blues Band with special guests The Bad Guys, that will be an awesome event that is creating a lot of hype. The third show features JUNO Winner, Derek Miller and we are thrilled to have Crystal Shawanda close the series August 31 2018.


Q: Why do you think this series is a needed platform for indigenous artists?

A: We are thrilled to have built relationships with so many artists over the years, with the Six Nations Concert for a Cure and the newly formed Six Nations Unity Festival that will take place in 2018. We feel like these opportunities don’t really exist, so to be able to be a part of a team that is committed to showcasing Indigenous talent with promotion, great stage, venue, lighting, it is important, because we have so much talent and they need places to not only perform but be highlighted and celebrated for their talents and hard work. We added we feel every top tier artist locally and that makes for an amazing concert series that music lovers will enjoy all summer long.


Q: Through the nine shows there is a variety of indigenous artists, what do you think you add to the series as an individual artist yourself?

A: My thoughts have always been about music as not just background music for a night out, but an event. That music is medicine, to quote my good friend Derek Miller. I think what I bring and a lot of the artists in this series bring is a passion for music, performance and they all have the ability to energize people and to make people happy. We are trying to create a positive change through music and through unity of artists. That is the overall goal of Darren Ross Agency. To unite all Indigenous artists, so that we can dictate the market, not have it dictated to us. There is room for every artist if they excel at what they do. I believe every artist in this series will bring everything they got, and the winners will be the audience.


Q: If you were to describe this event to someone that wanted to know about it, how would you describe it?

A: I would say that it is a first of it’s kind. This concept was to build a fan-base that will come to expect great live music. We hope that the audience will appreciate the talent in the series, and we can grow the series next year and keep it going for the future. Musicians need promoters, clubs and audience. But we need to all work together to have elite, exciting events and I believe this series accomplishes that, which I am very proud of the artist unity with support from Club N.V., who believes in the artist and vision.

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