Local actor makes appearance in “It Chapter Two”

Kevin Allan Hess was born in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, and is Bear foot Onondaga of Six Nations.

Kevin has been acting for just over 2 years and was formerly known for his part in Designated Survivor Season 2, Missing You So Bad music video, and an appearance on Paranormal Survivor 5th season Episode Nine “When Spirits Attack”.

But now Hess will be known for It Chapter Two.

Last summer, Port Hope, Ont., was transformed into the sleepy town of Derry, Maine, where the evil clown Pennywise returned to torment the now-grown-up members of the Losers’ Club.

Movie sets and masquerading as different cities are nothing new to Toronto. However, the GTA and Ontario also got their 15 minutes of fame after being chosen as the filming locations for It, Stephen King’s creepy clown flick was filmed about 150 kilometres east of Toronto.

As a huge production, it took over much of the downtown core last summer and spilled into local parks and side streets.

In just four days after its premiere, It: Chapter Two was able to accrue $96.5 million.

Hess’s appearance in the film was largely in thanks to his appearance, which is described as being the Hollywood definition of an indigenous chief.

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