Theft at Paris International Indigenous Fashion Week

PARIS — International Indigenous Fashion Week took place on February 27, and was set to deliver a diverse experience blending fashion and music from artists and designers from across North America, but a designer lost a suitcase full of his work the evening after.

“These designs were taken while on the Paris Metro on Friday February 28th between 6-6:30pm, on the M7 line between Louvre and Opera. They were shown at PARIS Indigenous Fashion Week the previous night. I cannot put a price tag on these designs as they are very sentimental to Bruno. The hand stitching took hundreds of hours. They were in an orange and grey Nautica suitcase,” wrote International Indigenous Fashion Week (IIFW) to Facebook, promising “no questions asked.”

Henry is originally from Six Nations, but moved to Wikwemkoong. He is an artist and photographer and began creating and hand stitching dresses, skirts and leather tops in 2001. His designs have been showcased around Ontario and prior, his designs were also shown at the Talking Stick Festival in 2010

“Indigenous designers and musicians represent the First Nations, so it is important for IIFW to recognize the rich culture and history of this country and the montage of heritage that is what Aboriginal Culture is today. IIFW takes pride in showcasing the distinct heritage we have as Aboriginals through today’s fashion,” reads the IIFW website.

If any has any information or seen similar pieces recently for sale, feel free can contact, or

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