• Retro Gaming is back with the NES Classic

    Retro Gaming is back with the NES Classic0

    The NES Classic is supposed to retail for 90 bucks and is one of this year’s hottest items — good luck to everyone trying to get one, they are going like hot cakes on EBay right now for $250 a pop. As of November 22, battle.net is surging with thousands of gamers returning to Diablo

  • Geocaching – the world’s largest treasure hunt

    Geocaching – the world’s largest treasure hunt0

    By Laura Hill Hunting for treasure isn’t a task found only in fiction anymore – with geocaching anyone around the world can participate in a game of hide-and-seek-the-object, so long as they have a GPS or mobile device at hand. How does it work? Geocaching.com says the outdoor recreational activity involves following a set of

  • ENGAGE: Game On!

    ENGAGE: Game On!0

    By Chandra Maracle It’s all fun and games until someone loses an imagination. This is the heart of what’s at stake in the debate over children’s education. Play? Academics? Technology? Culture? Language? What are parents to do when deciding where to send their children to school, if at all? These were some of the core

  • What is Cosplay?

    What is Cosplay?0

    If your favourite part of the year is dressing up for Halloween then perhaps you might be interested in cosplay. Cosplay is a shortened word for costume play and is like a game of pretend, or some call it performance art. You may have seen cosplayers at the opening night of a Lord of the

  • Video Game Review: Kisima Inŋitchuŋa (Never Alone)

    Video Game Review: Kisima Inŋitchuŋa (Never Alone)0

    PC, PS4, XONE, WIIU ENGAGE – Alaska’s Cook Inlet Tribal Council teamed up with software developer Upper One Games to produce one of the most culturally relevant video games about indigenous people ever released. This game features beautiful landscapes, soothing sounds and authentic storytelling that does more than just preserve Inuit culture – it celebrates

  • Corn husk dolls explore emotions using imaginative play

    Corn husk dolls explore emotions using imaginative play0

    According to Elizabeth “Betts” Doxtater of Everything Cornhusk, a local store and gallery in the Ohsweken Village Plaza, the cornhusk doll goes back to the time of Creation when corn was first given to the Haudenosaunee people. The cornhusk doll is intentionally faceless to remind the people to remain humble and not become obsessed with