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  • Decolonizing activism and organizing1

    There are so many genres of activism my head spins at the amount of rallies and protests that I have either been apart of, or have been invited to. I have never been one for either the protests, or the marches. (However when the Oshkimaadziig camp first began, I have to admit that my friend

  • Gratitude0

    I think the first time I heard what gratitude was, was when I was sitting in an AA meeting when I was about 19. I heard a bunch of old guys talking about being grateful for sobriety. My gratitude of sobriety was short lived, and I began drinking again for a few more years until

  • Your very own Elder0

    I once made a comment where I referred to “My Elder taught me this.” And someone said, “Holy ever special, you got your own Elder?” Little did they know, that this specific Elder sat me down, and had some deep conversations with me, and said, “I’ve known you quite a long time now, I’d like to believe that you look up to me as your Elder…”