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  • HDI Director publishes confusing theories

    HDI Director publishes confusing theories0

    This week, HDI Director Hazel Hill published her HDI report to the Confederacy Council on the Haudenosaunee Confederacy’s website. What one would expect to be a boring detailed list of the things accomplished in the last month is actually a 16 page conspiracy laden and confusing rant that leaves the reader wondering if Hill has

  • Extremism at Six Nations

    Extremism at Six Nations0

    Editorial by Jonathan Garlow Its almost charming but mostly insulting when someone finds out you are from Six Nations and they just have to say, “Oh! I get my cigarettes there do you know (insert generic rez-name here)?” These people ask as if I have the entire band list memorized and categorized within my giant

  • Canadians cannot judge Six Nations

    Canadians cannot judge Six Nations0

    It looks like HCCC and SNEC have released a joint statement. Although we are forced to participate with the Indian Act if we want to live on our own land, not everyone feels represented by the Elected Council. On the other hand, even less may have proper representation at present days Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council. They say

  • Editorial by Jonathan Garlow

    Editorial by Jonathan Garlow0

    If you are leaving Six Nations on Chiefswood Road and happen to catch a red light at Highway 54 you could end up waiting like ten minutes if the line up is really long. It’s frustrating but the wait does provide plenty of time to think. I thought that I should be thankful that we

  • Editorial: Are community standards needed for released sex offenders?

    Editorial: Are community standards needed for released sex offenders?0

    When it comes to protecting children, the more information adults are armed with, the better. All children have the right to live happy and safe lives, especially in our home community. But when it comes to sex crimes against children — where does protecting the right of an offender to resume life after jail fall

  • What does reconciliation actually mean?

    What does reconciliation actually mean?0

    If anyone has been listening to the speeches of the Canadian PM lately you may notice that Justin Trudeau has been saying the word reconciliation again and again. Many of the Queen’s people have been repeating the word reconciliation without understanding what it really means. The problem of colonization is an on-going one that isn’t