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  • Will Six Nations trust an HCCC internal investigation?

    Will Six Nations trust an HCCC internal investigation?0

    Editorial by Nahnda Garlow Since the launch of the Two Row Times in 2013 we have repeatedly hit a brick wall when trying to cover issues of governance involving the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council (HCCC) and the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI). Additionally, HCCC’s decision to utilize Turtle Island News publisher Lynda Powless as its communications

  • Decentralize Six Nations!

    Decentralize Six Nations!0

    Government is such a horrible word for Onkwehonwe (indigenous) people because it has the word govern in it. Every now and then arguments open up on Haudenosaunee Facebook pages with people trying to decide if the traditional government was historically democratic, republic or socialist. Most agree with the phrase “egalitarian society.” The thing about our

  • Stop labelling theories and hypotheses as fact

    Stop labelling theories and hypotheses as fact0

    The Bering Strait Theory and now the Solutrean Hypothesis are two speculations that need to be put to rest. The first theory is the idea that the first Native American peoples traveled from Asia to North America across a strip of land connecting the two continents when it was ice-free. The second is the hypothesis

  • Gratitude for all things Six Nations in 2018

    Gratitude for all things Six Nations in 20180

    The future of leadership on Six Nations is an exciting thought. Times are changing and First Nations across the province are catching up in technology and infrastructure bridging the gap for youth and young adults. And it is encouraging to know that, as messed up as the colonial system is, our political leaders and elected

  • Play the winter blues away

    Play the winter blues away1

    How about those temperatures? Last Saturday morning was a crisp and sunny -25 Celsius. For the older generation out there, that’s -13 Fahrenheit. For the scientists out there, that’s 248.15 Kelvin. And the cold has been relentless. The Two Row Times did a small survey and found that many gas stations along the outskirts of

  • Don’t you dare edit our voices

    Don’t you dare edit our voices0

    An opinion piece from me almost always begins with me ranting or offering my two cents on an issue. I don’t know if that’s a reflection on me or the things that make we want to write with passion — but I like to think it’s just me exercising my voice. I mean, I guess