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    The weather is starting to finally feel like spring. One sure sign is when the chickens start to lay their eggs after taking it easy in the winter. Living on a farm I got used to having fresh eggs daily, something I dearly miss. Fortunately there are several farmers producing eggs nearby. I was elated

  • Seeds of Sustenance

    Seeds of Sustenance0

    Part of getting ready for spring planting is taking the time to appreciate our seeds. They provide the gift of life through their own growth and the sustenance we need to thrive. Between the seeds and the hand that sows them is a reciprocal relationship. Growers put good intentions and minds towards providing the optimal

  • Simply Sustenance

    Simply Sustenance0

    Last week’s dinner marked the end of the first installment of the Healthy Roots challenge. It was a pleasure to work with Family Traditions on the event. Over the past eight months I have had the joy of working alongside an extraordinary grandmother with an incredible passion for cooking and feeding people. Her love and