The time is now to eat seasonal

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of helping with the second annual Langford “Save our Schoolhouse” fundraiser. The money raised will be used to make the schoolhouse, built in 1886, wheelchair accessible and will go toward renovating the foundation as well. The Langford Conservancy, a “non-profit group dedicated to protecting and preserving the farmland, and rural heritage buildings in Brant County, Ontario”, organized the event.

In honour of this event I was privileged to cook a completely organic, GMO free meal with produce grown by Hearts Content Farm. With help from the farm interns we prepared a delicious seasonal vegetable filled spread for those in attendance. When working with fresh, local produce, the best thing to do is let the ingredient speak for itself. This was accomplished by giving it the same love as when it was grown. Not over manipulating and transforming the ingredient into something it isn’t. Allowing it to keep its integrity and deliciousness intact.

I recognize the day-to-day challenges in procuring organic, whole foods, and that it is an ordeal for many to eat this way. I admit that I am not always able to do so myself. Knowing that I am on a journey to do so along with so many others gives me the strength to continue moving in that direction. I dream and set intentions of a day when naturally grown, chemical free food is accessible and available to everyone.

With the weather being what it is lately, one might feel inclined to start transitioning into fall flavours. I’m making that transition slowly, I’m not quite ready to give up on all the bright, delicious flavours of summer just yet.

Summer Squash with Mint

  • Summer Squash
    Apple Cider Vinegar (experiment with different vinegars like red or white wine)
    Olive Oil
  1. Cut your squash in 1/4 inch cubes or long strips about the same thickness.
  2. Heat a pan to high heat, coat evenly with olive oil and sear to achieve a charred colour, not cooking the squash all the way through.
  3. Season squash with salt. Slice a couple cloves of garlic very thinly and tear mint leaves. Mix all ingredients in a bowl or layer in a baking dish.
  4. Cover with vinegar of your choice, wrap and refrigerate. If you choose to can it at this point go right ahead otherwise leave it in the fridge overnight and finish it with some olive oil.
  5. Enjoy as part of a pickle plate, on its own, in pasta or however else you choose.

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