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  • “It’s Only A Month Away”

    “It’s Only A Month Away”0

    In regards to what I will be facing in the upcoming month; I already submitted two letters of recommendation and an essay to the Miss Indian World Pageant Committee, and the pageant itself will span from April 26- April 30. But, to be considered a competitor I have to sell a minimum of 500 raffle

  • Ontario being bought by off-shore investors

    Ontario being bought by off-shore investors0

    By Ella Haley After the Provincial Government created the Ontario Greenbelt in 2005, an unforeseen land-buying frenzy began just beyond its borders. Developers, land bankers and their offshore investors have since bought up thousands of hectares of farmland in the counties of Brant, Simcoe, Niagara and Wellington. Brant County is a 30 minute drive west

  • Breaking stereotypes

    Breaking stereotypes0

    By Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux, Ph.D. It is with great humility that I write this short article on what has been a very difficult conversation in the City of Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Since late 2015, the courts have heard testimony on the seven Indigenous children who died while attending school in Thunder Bay in an effort to

  • Op Ed: Trans-Pacific Partnership is colonization by corporation

    Op Ed: Trans-Pacific Partnership is colonization by corporation0

    On Feb. 4, 2016, trade representatives from 12 countries gathered to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). Over 40 per cent of the global economy is represented by Canada, the United States, Mexico, Peru, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei and Japan — the signatory countries. Criticized for five years of secret negotiations

  • The fight Canadian taxpayers paid

    The fight Canadian taxpayers paid0

    This week, a historic ruling came from the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, finally acknowl-edging systemic discriminatory funding practices towards First Nations children by Canada’s federal government. The statistics are shocking. While the same standards of care apply for indigenous and non-indigenous children — First Nations are funded 22% less than those same services for non-First

  • Brant/Brantford may be treading on thin ice

    Brant/Brantford may be treading on thin ice0

    BRANT/BRANTFORD – Transferring land around from municipality to municipality — especially on land under claim or patent — may put mayors and councillors in a dangerous legal position, so says Ontario Landowners Association (OLA) vice-president Liz Marshall. In an article entitled, “Officials who disregard property rights risk lawsuit” published in the OLA Annual (written by