Healthy Roots: Back to School Bento Box Lunch

By Six Nations Health Services Dietitians

Bento Box lunches are compact, balanced and visually appealing meals packed into a container. These style lunches are becoming more and more popular among children and parents due to their convenience and endless options. One goal of ‘Healthy Roots’ is to encourage increased consumption of our ‘traditional’ foods, the foods that were available to us from our surrounding land and water long ago. We understand that as busy students and caregivers school lunches can be a challenge; accommodating to allergy restrictions, taste preference, cost and convenience. Below are some examples of bento box lunches, that each includes a variety of ‘Healthy Roots’ food items. We encourage choosing foods that are homemade and found in their whole and natural form – try to limit processed foods as much as possible. Some simple suggestions would be to replace a juice box with water, or to replace crackers or a granola bar with unsweetened applesauce and raisins. For more information or school lunch support, the Dietitians at Six Nations Health Services are here to help! Please contact us at 519-445-4779.

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