Spotlight on Emotional Health

Journaling is the process of writing out your thoughts, dreams and fears in a private notebook. Writing can help as a venting mechanism, an opportunity for reflection, or serve as a creative outlet. It is especially helpful during times of change, for example – at the start of a new year as resolutions are being made.

In January, we will be publishing journal prompts that will help you to explore your emotional well-being. Here are 5 prompts – or questions – to get you started. You can write these down on a notepad, in a diary, in a blog, on your phone, etc.

1. What is your goal for the month?
2. What project are you struggling to commit to? Why?
3. What part of your life feels really exciting right now? How can you grow this area of your life?
4. Can you list 3 things you can do this evening to nurture your spirit?
5. What have you been successful at in the past? How did it feel when you achieved your goal?

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