Good minds stand up

Where were the good minds when they did me wrong?

So what if we wore tight pants, so what if we had long hair and straightened it, we probably stole your girlfriend, but still… So. Much. Hate.

Looking back on my old days, there is still no regret – from the eyeliner to the beat up Chucks. I was who I was and I am who I am now.

People change, times change and of course we know fashion does as well. As fashions change, some people agree with the changes and others stand back and let it bother them to a point where they have to make the person that wears them feel like less of a person. This makes me feel the need to stand up and reach out to some children dealing with bullying or hate and give them a few tips. So here goes.

1. Even if it bugs you, don’t let them see that. Chances are they will come apologizing sooner than it would take for you to deal with your upset.
2. If you like it, love it!
3. Stay away from negativity. If someone is constantly picking on their friends and making fun of their appearance, clothes, etc., it’s best not to spend time around that person and have the same thing done to you.
4. Realize when stuff is a joke or not. Sometimes people are really just kidding and don’t mean any harm.
5. Talk to someone. You know that mother you hate so much? Well she would talk your ear off about this situation you’re having. You know that school coach you think’s so cool? Ask him for a minute of his time. Who knows? It could change the light of both of your days.
6. And lastly, the hardest point – don’t react the way a bully wants you to. It’s so hard but so simple – just don’t care. If you spike up your hair five feet in the morning and go out and get mad or upset at the first comment that comes your way, you’re caring way too much.

Some people won’t try these points, and some won’t agree with them. But out of honesty and experience, most of these work and have worked for me. There’s always people out there wanting to help, just like there’s always people out there getting picked on. Try to keep that head up and your mind at a good state. Don’t let another person’s envy or hate change your life state. It isn’t worth it. They only hate something great. You can take it from me.

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